Table 1-1 Crosswalk for frequently asked questions on ISM
Table 2-1 Relationship between particle size and lead concentration for a soil sample for a firing range site
Table 2-2 Summary of sampling error described by Gy and control measures
Table 3-1 Considerations to address during systematic planning for ISM sampling
Table 4-1 Data dispersion in terms of CV and GSD
Table 4-2 Example UCL Simulations
Table 4-3 Summary of scenarios investigated with simulations
Table 4-4 Likelihood that ISM achieves coverage depending on dispersion
Table 4-5 Summary statistics used to combine DUs
Table 5-1 Estimated sample mass for set increment length and substrate density
Table 6-1 Potential for loss during the air-drying step
Table 8-1 List of states with specific restrictions on compositing
Table 8-2 Limitations, solutions, and section references for using ISM