C.2.3 Synopsis

During the 2006 excavation and removal of an underground heating oil tank, discrete samples were collected which documented diesel range organics (DRO) at 300–900 mg/kg. Stockpile tilling and fertilizing were conducted by the responsible party several times after the soil was moved from its original location in May 2006.

ADEC personnel sampled the stockpile on May 24–25, 2007. MI bulk samples were collected from 90 different locations in the 12–15 yd3 stockpile. Subsamples were sieved to 2 mm and placed in sample jars for laboratory analysis. Fundamental error (FE), relative standard deviation (RSD), and the 95% UCL of the mean were determined following receipt of analytical results; all calculations were within acceptable parameters. The average DRO concentration was below the Method 2 migration-to-groundwater cleanup level (230 mg/kg).