A.7.2 Computation of Coefficient of Variation (CV) of ISM Replicates

The use of CV based on r replicates (e.g., r = 1, 3, 5,...,10) had been proposed as a performance measure associated with the ISM mean, CIS. The MIS software also computes CV; however, CV results are not presented in this section of the appendix, as they are discussed in other sections of this simulation appendix. A brief description of the computation of CV is described as follows.

For the kth iteration, compute CV based on r ISM replicates given as follows:

CVk = CISk / sdISk;k = 1,2,...niter

Here, CISk and sdISk are ISM mean and ISM standard deviation for the kth iteration and are computed using equations noted in A.7.1.

An estimate of the CV associated with ISM replicates is given by

An estimate of CV associated with the DU, DU_CV, can also be computed as follows:

Estimate of DU_CV = est(DU_CV) = sqrt(m) × CV_Bar. where m represents the number of increments

Bias in DU_CV = (DU_CV – sqrt(m) × CV_Bar)