A.4.1 Descriptions of Decision Units

Hathaway and Pulsipher (2010) provide details about how the simulated sites were created and values were applied to grid cells representing the DUs. Briefly, each of the 10,000 discrete increment concentration values shown on each site in Figure A-3 are derived from real sites composed of bulk materials. The patterns and concentration values are from extensive discrete data (increments) gathered as a part of multiple ESTCP project led by Jenkins and Hewitt (Jenkins et al. 2004, 2006; Hewitt et al. 2005). Each grid value (increment) in Figure A-3 represents the agglomeration of the bulk material from that area with reported values of constituent levels in units of milligram per kilogram (or parts per million). Thus, as with the simulations with lognormal distributions (PD-1), FE and GSE were not explicitly used in simulating these sites. These errors are implicitly accounted for in the modeled small-scale (local) spatial variability.