9.2 Case Study 2. Petroleum-Contaminated Soil Stockpile

Site Name: Petroleum Contaminated Soil Stockpile, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Contact Name: Earl Crapps, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC)

Site Location: The site is located on the Prince of Wales Island near Craig, Alaska. Craig is on a small island off the west coast of Prince of Wales Island and is connected by a short causeway. It is 56 air miles northwest of Ketchikan and 220 miles south of Juneau.

Background: The purpose of this project was to test the protocols in the ADEC draft MULTI INCREMENT® sampling guidance (ADEC 2009). The test site was a petroleum-contaminated soil stockpile located in a rock quarry on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

During the 2006 excavation and removal of an underground heating oil tank, discrete samples were collected that documented diesel range organics (DROs) at 300–900 mg/kg. Stockpile tilling and fertilizing were conducted by the responsible party several times after the soil was moved from its original location in May 2006.

Lessons Learned:

  • Although the stockpile was shallow, it was compacted and difficult to excavate by hand.
  • Field sampling was labor-intensive, requiring approximately 15 person hours to complete. Data quality may have been affected.
  • It is recommended that ISM sample processing occurs in a controlled laboratory setting.