8.1 Introduction

In August and September 2009, ITRC’s ISM Team developed and conducted a survey designed to collect data on incremental sampling practices from regulators, consultants, commercial laboratory personnel, and project managers. The purpose of the survey was to gain an understanding of how incremental sampling is being used, how widespread is its use, what problems have been encountered, and the current level of understanding of ISM among the respondents. Nearly three-fourths of the respondents were either state regulators or consultants (see Figure 8-1).

Figure 8-1. Distribution of survey respondents (n = 263).

Specific focus areas covered by the survey included regulatory challenges to using ISM, comparison of ISM to discrete sampling techniques, and the type of projects/ programs for which ISM is used. Appendix B presents the results of the survey. A subsequent survey is planned to learn of advances made during the course of this ITRC effort.