Commercial/industrial exposure area decision units

Exposure areas for commercial or industrial properties are site specific and could be an acre or more in size. Certain maintenance or construction activities at these types of properties may influence the depth of the exposure area. Designation of exposure areas for these sites should be discussed ahead of time with the project risk assessor and should be based on areas of the site where exposure is likely to occur. When practicable, it may be beneficial to designate DUs for current commercial or industrial sites in a manner that assists in evaluation of the property for future unrestricted land use (i.e., residential land use). Consideration of future unrestricted land use during designation of initial DUs (and preparation of risk assessments) at commercial or industrial sites may help avoid unnecessary land use restrictions and/or the need to reinvestigate or assess the site should future redevelopment plans call for a more sensitive land use. The added effort and costs for additional characterization should be balanced with the value that the information may bring to the project.