1.7 Document Organization

This document is organized into 11 sections which reflect the ISM Team’s best effort at presenting a wealth of information concerning ISM in a logical and cohesive manner. Beyond the mechanics of collecting ISM samples, much attention has been given to the planning process, particularly in Sections 2–6.

  • Section 2 presents the nature of soil sampling and fundamental ISM sampling principles.
  • Section 3 focuses on systematic planning and how to determine a DU.
  • Section 4 covers the statistical basis of ISM sampling design, the results of statistical simulations and the effects of changing the number of increments, replicates and the effects of sample patterns.
  • Section 5 provides information on sampling tools, field sampling collection, and field handling procedures.
  • Section 6 presents the current practices and options available for laboratory processing and subsequent analysis.
  • Section 7 covers what to do with ISM data.
  • Section 8 regulatory challenges and opportunities for ISM .
  • Section 9 provides selected case studies as examples.
  • Section 10 includes input from stakeholders.
  • Section 11 provides the list of additional materials referenced throughout this document.
  • Appendix A - Presents additional details regarding the simulation studies used to evaluate the performance of alternative ISM sampling strategies.
  • Appendix B - August 2009 Survey Results
  • Appendix C - Case Studies
  • Appendix D - ISM Team Contacts
  • Appendix E - Glossary
  • Appendix F - Acronyms