A.13 Fox River and Green Bay, WI 1998

A.13.1 Summary





Contaminants of Concern:

PCBs, 45 ppm avg,186 ppm max, Mercury

Final Remedy:

Hydraulic cutterhead with swinging ladder used to dredge and sediment was dewatered, filtered.

905 tons (<50 ppm) taken to Winnebago County Landfill; 1,632 tons taken to E.Q. landfill (>50 ppm PCBs); 2,400 tons taken to Wayne Disposal.

A.13.2 Site Description

Year: 1998

Water Depth: 0–8 ft

Target Volume: 12,000 yd3 sediment

Actual Volume Removed: 8,200 yd3

Contaminated thickness: 2–3 ft

A.13.3 Remedial Objectives

Mass removal, demonstration

A.13.4 Remedial Approach

A hydraulic cutter head with a swinging ladder configuration was used. More minor dredging was done in 1999 to remove additional sediment at bedrock interface.

A.13.5 Monitoring

Resuspension: Six turbidity meters in river dredging area. Perimeter barrier of 80 mil HDPE, silt curtain around dredge sub-areas, 200 foot-long HDPE "deflection" barrier around industrial water intake, double-cased dredge discharge line.

Residuals: Post dredging: Surface sediments: 0.04–43 ppm PCBs, 16/19 samples >2 ppm. In 13/21 samples, post-dredge concentrations higher than pre-dredge

A.13.6 References

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Publication Date: August 2014

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