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In the fall of 2004, the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council’s (ITRC) Vapor Intrusion Team developed and conducted an on-line survey of state, federal, and tribal agencies regarding vapor intrusion regulations, policy, and guidance. The survey results are accessible on this site. These results can be used by many different groups of people, including, but not limited to, decision makers, regulators, and technology developers. These results will also be used by the ITRC Vapor Intrusion (VI) Team to guide the team’s future activities, such as the development of guidance documents, training, and technology evaluations.

The survey was developed with the intention of collecting regulatory information and assessing opinions of individual state, tribal, and federal regulators involved with vapor intrusion sites. To develop the survey, four subgroups of ITRC VI Team members used standard survey development methodology to develop and revise questions and responses. The survey questions were divided into the following five topic areas: general, media, risk, sampling, and remediation. The responses varied by question, and included multiple-choice, graded-response, multiple-selection, and short-answer questions. Once a draft survey was compiled, a beta-test of the on-line survey was conducted to solicit feedback on the survey and to estimate the amount of time necessary to complete the survey.

Once the development process was concluded, ITRC VI Team members and state points-of-contact (staff members from state environmental agencies) contacted potential respondents familiar with and involved in vapor intrusion issues. The survey was available on-line over a six-week period from August to October of 2004. Ultimately, 54 regulators from 41 states, Canada, and one EPA region responded to the survey.

Summary results of the survey are grouped into the sections listed below for each general topic area covered in the survey. These results have been provided as graphs, which are accessible by clicking on each question link. Please note that because the survey was conducted in the fall of 2004, the survey data may have changed slightly since that time.

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