Enhanced Attenuation: Chlorinated Organics Resources & Links

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Fact Sheet

Enhanced Attenuation Fact Sheet (PDF) A Solution to a Common Groundwater Remediation Problem

Information Sheets

Enhanced Attenuation of Chlorinated Organics (EACO): A Decision Framework for Site Transition Information Sheets

Pre-Implementation Project Summary Statement (PDF)

Technology/Methodology Status Report (PDF)

Post-Implementation Status Statement (PDF)


A National Overview of Monitored Natural Attenuation and Enhanced Attenuation (PDF)

Technical Publications

Enhanced Attenuation of Chlorinated Organics: Electronic Resource Guide (DOC)
A compilation of relevant scientific and technical literature on natural attenuation and enhanced attenuation used by the team to complete Enhanced Attenuation: Chlorinated Organics (EACO-1). The resource guide will help regulators and practitioners understand the basic principles, terminology, and technical features of natural attenuation and enhanced attenuation.

A Decision Flowchart for the Use of Monitored Natural Attenuation and Enhanced Attenuation at Sites with Chlorinated Organic Plumes (PDF)