Vapor Intrusion Resources & Links

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Vapor Intrusion Survey
Summary results of a 2004 online survey of state, federal, and tribal agencies regarding vapor intrusion regulations, policy, and guidance.

ITRC State Survey / Revisiting "Closed" Sites for VI Concerns (2007)(pdf)
As a follow-up to the 2004 online survey, 34 states responded to a question on what states are doing about legacy or previously closed sites and the vapor intrusion pathway. The responses are presented in a table.

Technical Publications

Response to Comments from the Final External Review for Vapor Intrusion: A Practical Guide (VI-1) and Vapor Intrusion Pathway: Investigation Approaches for Typical Scenarios (VI-1A) (pdf)
Contains the comments and team responses from the final external review of the team products listed above. Some editorial comments are not included. Comments were received from the states of Utah, Wyoming, Georgia, Iowa, Pennsylvania, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Colorado, New Hampshire, and New York and from the Department of Defense.


DoD Vapor Intrusion Handbook, January 2009 (PDF)

Virginia Voluntary Remediation Program’s Vapor Intrusion Screening Fact Sheet, August 2008 (PDF)

Vapor Intrusion Links - An extensive list of useful links categorized by state and topics. Includes links for regulations, databases, and directories.

Vapor Intrusion Contacts - Spreadsheet of vapor intrusion contacts for states and EPA regions.

The presentation slides from the ITRC Vapor Intrusion short course presentation at Brownfields 2009, November 16-18, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana are available to download in PDF as color slides with 2 slides per page (114 pages) or black and white handouts with 6 slides per page (38 pages).