ITRC Success Story Submission Form

Please share your success story regarding how ITRC resources have helped you. Your input is valuable and helps demonstrate the usefulness and value that ITRC offers to the environmental community. Please fill out the form below with as much detailed information as possible. (Note: All form fields are required.)

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Summary of how ITRC resources helped you. Please include which document, training course or ITRC program was used.

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How was ITRC beneficial? Please be as detailed as you can. Exact numbers (time and/or money saved) and references are desired.

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If you have a picture, PowerPoint presentation, or report related to the project/case, please attach it here.


Please consider the following when submitting a success story to ITRC:

  • Was an ITRC guidance document used in one of the following ways?
    • As a basis to develop state guidance
    • As a reference within state guidance
    • As an integration of new technical developments within an existing state guidance
    • As a tool to directly assist with site activities
    • As a resource for state staff and consultants/contractors
  • Did ITRC documents/training help maximize project performance, delivery, and/or efficiencies by working with regulators on new technologies and/or using ITRC guidance? (e.g., was an innovative approach accepted more rapidly by using an ITRC document/training?)
  • Did ITRC documents/training help improve the speed of regulatory acceptance or approval time of the technology/solution? If so, by how much?
  • Did ITRC documents/training help optimize resources (i.e., shortened the duration of the project/quicker cleanup time, reduced costs, provided an innovation edge, etc.) to a cleanup problem better than the status quo approach? If so, by how much?
  • Did ITRC documents/training help bring industry and government together to solve a problem?
  • Did ITRC guidance impact acceptance and use of technologies/solutions in other states?
  • Were ITRC documents/training referenced in a proposal from a consultant?
  • Were ITRC documents/training used or referenced in a non-ITRC training class to educate public/tribal/emeritus stakeholders and local governments about a technology/solution?