(October 2, 2017) An upcoming SERDP and ESTCP webinar on Thursday, October 5 will feature Department of Defense (DoD) conservation efforts in desert environments. First, Dr. David Lytle from Oregon State University will talk about predicting, measuring and monitoring aquatic invertebrate biodiversity on dryland military bases, an important topic given that aquatic habitats are among the most imperiled habitats in such areas. Dr. Lytle’s work integrates mathematical modeling, invertebrate sampling and statistical estimation to develop robust methodologies for tracking the biodiversity of aquatic invertebrates. Second, Dr. Christopher Castro from the University of Arizona will discuss more extreme monsoon precipitation in the southwestern United States and the potential implications for DoD facilities. Dr. Castro’s work addresses changes in the occurrence and intensity of warm season extreme weather events in the Southwest with a focus on a new methodology to project severe weather events. To view speaker biographies and abstracts, and to register for this free webinar, please visit https://serdp-estcp.org/Tools-and-Training/Webinar-Series/10-05-2017.