LNAPL 2-day Classroom Training Customer Quotes

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I’ve been looking for 20 years for a LNAPL class like this one. It’s a great class.

-- James Fitting, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Hartford, CT

ITRC’s LNAPL training was extremely beneficial. We gained critical understanding of some key LNAPL issues, which we immediately put to good use on some complex sites. Our communications with the state regulator regarding these sites immediately improved. I’d recommend this training to anybody in the investigation and cleanup business.

-- Donovan Hannu, Bay West, Inc., St. Paul, MN

I thought the class was one of the best I have ever attended.  It presented a fundamental shift in our view of LNAPL in the subsurface and promises to change the way we approach solutions for cleanup.  Thank you for bringing this class to us.

-- Randy Carlson, Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Topeka, KS

Very helpful - ITRC is providing critical innovative thinking on LNAPL management.

-- Consulting/Engineering Firm

It was very thorough training and felt very complete from basics to more advanced sessions.

-- State/Local Government

Very good summary of organized approach to assessing and planning for LNAPL & recovery.

-- Site Owner

The course was well established and re-affirmed the take home points. My experience as a project leader will grow in depth after this training, and I will be more involved with technical like decisions with the project hydrologist. Honestly, I learned so much more than expected. Thank you!

-- State/Local Government

Excellent instructors; very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions.

-- Department of Defense

You all did a great job. You're knowledge about the topic and training style help me learn a lot.

-- State/Local Government

I will be able to more confidently determine the most effective approach to LNAPL sites.

-- State/Local Government

ITRC’s Internet-based Training Courses Customer Quotes

Here is what our customers say about this no-cost resource:

Internet simulcast training: best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for offering an easy way to receive training without leaving the office or spending money. Good content, practical advice. I will do this again!

-- Washington State Regulator

This is very cost effective training for interested stakeholders. This has opened new horizon of Problem Solving Approach.

-- Community Stakeholder

I really, really appreciate the format! With budget restrictions everywhere, it's encouraging to know there's a way to get current and practical information.

-- Louisiana State Regulator

Thank you for this valuable training. I can put it to use immediately .

-- Participant from U.S. Army

I felt this training course was excellent . . . well designed, and the instructors were quite knowledgeable of the subject. The graphics and illustrations were also excellent . . . Thanks for an informative 2 hours!

-- Nebraska State Regulator

I appreciated not needing to travel . . . very efficient for me. Your participants/instructors had a valuable exchange of information.

-- Environmental Consultant

Many thanks to everyone for this course. This is a great way to learn - much better than sitting in a classroom!

-- Participant from U.S. EPA, Region 4

Great format for continuing education . . . all the benefits without the cost .   

-- Environmental Consultant

Wonderfully done, very professional, and timely structured .

-- Community Stakeholder

Thank you for your excellent presentation ! I am a new recruit, and I really appreciate all the available courses and information that ITRC provides.

-- Nevada State Regulator

This training gave me an excellent basic overview with enough specifics that would direct me where to go for more in-depth information.

-- Pennsylvania State Regulator

Thank you for the insight and vast experience that the presenters provided.

-- Environmental Consultant

Instructors' credentials and experience were very impressive.

-- Participant from U.S. Air Force

Thanks for a great training. It made me aware of what I need to look for when reviewing performance at my DNAPL site.

-- Washington State Regulator

I appreciate the opportunity to participate. This has been valuable to my day to day experiences.

-- Participant from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Excellent presentation - should be good tool for raising awareness and acceptance of these techniques by regulators and industry.

-- Environmental Consultant

ITRC provides great training - I took the "Historical Docs Review" course, and I'm using the material now as we investigate our site. Thanks!

-- Participant from U.S. Navy

Thanks, this webminar provided useful information that I can use as a foundation and reference to research further information.

-- Environmental Consultant

Great job with the guidance documents and training. They will be valuable resources for many practitioners.

-- Site Owner

This was a very effective venue for us to provide information to numerous people with a minimal interruption of their work processes.
-- Oregon State Regulator

Thank you. The opportunity to participate in these presentations is a tremendous service .

-- Technology Vendor

I really appreciate this type of training. The convenience is top notch - I don't have to leave the office.

-- Participant from U.S. Air Force

I like the ease of access to the training course that is formatted well and informative . Keep it up. Thank You

-- Pennsylvania State Regulator