Public/Tribal/Emeritus Stakeholders

The Public and Tribal Stakeholders (Stakeholders) are key players in ITRC. Since the primary products of ITRC are developed by ITRC Teams, the most important role of the Stakeholders is to serve on these Teams.  The Stakeholders provide a number of valuable resources to ITRC Teams.  Typically Stakeholders are members of environmental organizations, community advocacy groups, or other citizens’ groups that deal with environmental issues.  Likewise, Tribal Stakeholders are affiliated with, or are employees of, Indian tribes, or are Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian.  These Stakeholders are the voices of the communities and tribes that are affected by environmental problems.  ITRC Stakeholders have representation on the ITRC Board of Advisors; the Public and Tribal Stakeholder Representative is a voting member of the Board.

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