Industry Affiliates Program

IAP Overview

When you have something important to say, nothing is more important than face-to-face contact.

Establish your organization as a key force in expediting and improving the environmental cleanup process.

ITRC welcomes companies and trade associations to its Industry Affiliates Program (IAP). IAP provides three important elements to the environmental site owner, consultant or technology developer:

  • information exchange on the development and deployment of innovative environmental technologies
  • access to a large audience of state regulators, federal agency representatives, leading environmental companies, members of academia and public stakeholders
  • participation in ITRC technical teams that produce technical regulatory guidance documents and training

Joining IAP allows your organization to:

  • advance understanding of innovative environmental technologies and approaches
  • anticipate important technical or regulatory developments
  • improve decision making when innovative environmental technologies are used
  • obtain regulatory consensus on appropriate innovative environmental technologies
  • network with people from all aspects of the environmental community
  • gain exposure in the environmental industry by authoring guidance documents and conducting training

All IAP members:

  • receive public acknowledgement of their organization's support in ITRC literature and on the ITRC web site
  • are provided with substantial discounts on ITRC meeting registration fees, classroom training sessions, and exhibit space at ITRC meetings
  • are eligible for an ITRC Team recognition award based on exemplary service during the year (award provides a discount on IAP membership for the following year)
  • have a direct line of communication with ITRC's Board of Advisors through the Board of Advisors Industry Representative
  • have a mechanism to, as a group, review and comment on ITRC documents, training, and team proposals

Success Stories from IAP Members

Edward Tyler, Kleinfelder, participated for several years on multiple ITRC Teams and considers participation in ITRC as an IAP member a meaningful investment for his company. He states, “ITRC participation presents an excellent forum for interaction with federal and state regulators and for the development of consensus on challenging issues surrounding environmental technologies. Moreover, ITRC collaboration provides a unique setting for advancing environmental technologies in a manner that meets regulatory and stakeholder concerns.”

Mark Kluger, Dajak, says, “ITRC affords tremendous value to the environmental community. By assembling committed industry leaders, regulators, academics, and stakeholders, ITRC enables the collaboration of a diverse group of professionals and ultimately provides outstanding guidance and training.”

Kelly Black, Neptune and Company, notes that ITRC participants are setting standards in the environmental community. She says, “I enjoy the opportunity to work with highly educated and experienced members of state and federal government to address environmental issues for which there are not standardized approaches accepted across the nation. Our clients benefit from the timely application of new knowledge we've gained via participation on ITRC Teams.”

Doug Downey, CH2M Hill, says, “participation on several ITRC Teams has provided a much needed link between our firm and state and industry technology leaders. The Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) technical guidance is a groundbreaking consensus document authored by regulatory agencies, consultants, and private stakeholders. This guidance will be an important tool in helping our staff understand and apply GSR principles in our work.”

Buddy Bealer, Shell, says, "ITRC’s consensus process brings stakeholders’ experience, challenges, and concerns to a common forum that encourages teamwork in finding solutions that work. What I find personally rewarding in working with ITRC is the opportunity to collaborate with smart, experienced people who have a mutual respect for the diverse perspectives that everyone brings to the table. Everyone is working towards a common goal – finding creative solutions to environmental challenges."

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IAP Membership Details

  • Join IAP as a Gold or Standard Member by going to the IAP Application Form
  • Membership in IAP is per company. All member company employees are welcome to participate in ITRC and IAP
  • Membership runs on a calendar year

Benefits of Membership

Gold Member: Large logo/acknowledgement on ITRC handouts, web site, and booth; free booth space at ITRC meetings; 25% discount on classroom training; and free registration for all employees at select ITRC meetings where a registration fee is required.

Standard Member: Smaller logo/acknowledgement on ITRC handouts and web site; 50% discounted booth space at ITRC meetings; 15% discount on classroom training; and discounted registration for all employees at select ITRC meetings where a registration fee is required.

IAP Brochure

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IAP Brochure (PDF)

IAP Application

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IAP Application Form (PDF)