Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) Application

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  • To join IAP for calendar year 2015, please fill out the form below and submit your registration.
  • For a description of Standard Member and Gold Member benefits, please visit the IAP public webpage.
  • Companies and trade associations are required to join IAP prior to employees joining ITRC Teams. Membership in IAP is per calendar year.
  • Click here for a list of 2015 ITRC Teams (Team Membership opens December 1, 2014).
  • If you have questions about IAP registration or payment, please contact Carolyn Sistare, 202-266-4932,

Company & Membership Type

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Industry Gold Member
  • Gold Member $15,000
Industry Standard Member
  • 75+ Employees $7,500
  • 51-75 Employees $5,000
  • 20-50 Employees $2,500
  • 1-19 Employees $500
Trade Association:
Trade Association Gold Member
  • Gold Member $15,000
Trade Association Standard Member
  • Member $5,000
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