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Register now for ITRC PVI classroom training Oct. 10-12, 2017 in Ann Arbor, MI. The class is hosted by Michigan DEQ and includes the 2-day ITRC PVI class (Oct. 10-11) and optional Bonus Day (Oct. 12) led by Michigan DEQ focused on vapor intrusion in Michigan.

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ITRC Announces New PFAS Team for 2017

The goal for the PFAS team is to produce concise technical resources that will help regulators and other stakeholders improve their understanding of the current science regarding PFAS compounds. The project will produce a series of six Fact Sheets, each synthesizing key information for one of the following core subjects: (1) History and Use of Environmental Sources, (2) Nomenclature Overview and Physicochemical Properties, (3) Fate and Transport, (4) Site Characterization Tools, Sampling Techniques, and Laboratory Analytical Methods, (5) Remediation Technologies and Methods, and (6) Regulatory Summary. Following development of the fact sheets, the team will begin developing a technical regulatory guidance document.

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ITRC has been expediting the acceptance and use of innovative environmental technologies and approaches since 1995.

  • We provide guidance and training on implementing innovative solutions
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